About Us

Total Polishing Systems is a division of American General Tool Group that manufactures and distributes a premium range of floor polishing solutions, spare parts and related accessories. Total Polishing System's core focus is on delivering floor solutions that feature high quality build with premium materials, innovative engineering to achieve benchmark performance and design that follows all the principles of ergonomics while being sturdy.

For contractors, diversifying into the concrete floor polishing and surface preparation could be the smartest move as we head into the new year. As demand by home owners and architects for polished concrete is growing, Total Polishing System has cured a fantastic range of premium quality floor polishing and surface preparation products and accessories that feature sturdy build and benchmark performance every professional contractor and tradesman can rely on. With Total Polishing Systems products in your reach, you don't have to settle for anything but the best.

Total Polishing Systems is fully committed to bring innovative affordable solutions for professional contractors and craftsmen who have put their faith in the brand for years.